5 things I Learned Playing Around with Macro Photography, AKA Small Things are Awesome!

Marble on my table!

Marble on my table!

I still find it hard to believe how, the smaller things are, the more detail they end up having! Macro photography allows you to take small things and blow them up (in a picture!) so you can see all those little details you may have missed. I was lucky enough to borrow a macro lens from a friend, as they are not cheap, and after finding all the small things I had in my house, here’s what I have learned about macro photography:

1- The closer you get, the more you feel the movement: Because you are taking pictures of very small things, any movement you make is amplified a lot! This can be a problem if you don’t have a tripod or a decent source of light. This also applies to when you are taking pictures of insects that move, in that it can be difficult to get them to stay in focus!

sunset ice

The sunset lights up a piece of ice on my way home




My teapot looks rather menacing up close!

2- Dust is everywhere! Make sure to clean everything you want to take pictures of, along with the area you are going to photograph, because that dust is everywhere! Along with your object, dust is also amplified, and if you don’t do a little cleaning prep before taking your shots, you’ll end up having much more post work when editing your pictures!


A little ashamed at how much dust my Wii has accumulated 😛


Also, Mario is dirtier than I thought!


On the other hand, the Nintendo buttons seem to be doing well!

3- People don’t like flash in their eyes. I had some co-workers pose for me so I could photograph their eyes, but seeing as I had no tripod, this meant I had to have a fast shutter speed in order to have everything in focus, which meant I needed lots of light…which meant my co-workers got a lot of flash to their faces! The results are pretty cool! Eyes are one of the most interesting things you can shoot, because as you can see, some look like honeycombs, some like an eclipse and others like galaxies!

Green eyes

Anthony's eye

Mac's eye

4- There is detail hidden in things you would never think of. My guitar strings look so simple when I play them, but under a macro, you can see how each string has so much more to it! The same goes with the rest of the guitar. It’s exciting because if a guitar string has so much detail, what else is hidden around you that is waiting to be found?

macro guitar 4

macro guitar 3

macro guitar 2

macro guitar

I also took some pictures of a watch to see the detail.

clock 3

clock 2

clock 1

5- Macro photography is a lot of fun! These pictures were all taken with a 60mm macro lens, and they sell lenses that do 100mm, so I am very excited to continue exploring this art! Where many photographs are all about the big picture, macro photography is fun because it’s all in the small details. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a more in-depth series of macro, but for now, I suppose these pictures will have to do!






Fallout fanboy, right here!

fallout 2

balls 2



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