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When I met Leslie at Starbucks to see if I’d be a right fit for her and Patrick’s wedding, I knew immediately that I had to be a part of their day. She was confident, talkative and hilarious! I couldn’t imagine however, that the whole wedding would be as fun as our first meeting!  Continue reading


Amanda & Josh AKA Wedding Day Bliss!

ottawa wedding photography 2016


Weddings are always fun to shoot. The mood is generally light and happy, there’s nervousness and excitement in everyone’s eyes, and lots of wine (not for me, unfortunately lol, for the guests!). Amanda and Josh’s wedding has a special place in my photographic career though, as I was lucky enough to bond with them over a few sessions in the winter and spring the year prior! Continue reading

Karen and Dave, AKA a Night Among the Stars!

ottawa wedding photography 2016


what a night. With the sky displaying thousands of stars, and the Milky Way’s galactic center in plain view, Karen and Dave took a short moment on a bench and let me take some pictures of them. I’m sure that being away from the party and the music for a few minutes while I forced them to sit in silence for 30 second intervals gave them time to reflect everything they had just gone through in just one day!

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Jenna & Mitch AKA The Harry Potter Wedding!

Sitting at the coffee shop with Jenna and Mitch, I never would have thought that I’d be photographing a Harry Potter inspired wedding! Coming from Calgary, we had previously chatted on Skype about perhaps using their Mercedes as a prop for some of the photographs, but when they told me they liked Harry Potter and would consider doing some fun pictures around the books, my mind went nuts!

harry potter wedding 0031

It’s not often that you get to shoot something out of the ordinary, as most couples want formal portraits mixed with some candid ones. It’s also not too often you get to shoot a wedding with people as laid back as Jenna and Mitch! Their down to earth style along with their awesome wedding party was perfect for the type of shooting we’d end up doing!

I arrived at the location a bit early so I could check out the decorations and take pictures without being worried about missing any important details, and I immediately knew that I made the right decision! The tent was gorgeously decorated, with a tasteful, camping/nature vibe to it, reminiscent of William Weasley and Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter characters for those out of the loop!). Continue reading

Al and Maria’s Wedding day aka Love truly falls from the sky!

Ottawa Wedding shoot005

Watching Al and Maria getting ready for their big day at the Hampton Inn in Ottawa, you’d think they were going to a baseball game! I expected the sky-diving, thrill seeking bride to be cool and collected, but I thought that the groom would be a bit nervous (Lord knows I was when I got married!). Turns out they were both at ease, both relaxed, and both more than ready for this day. This is a great way to sum up Al and Maria: completely nsync with each other, even when not together.

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Talia and Jamie’s Vallarta Wedding, A.K.A. When Ireland Met Mexico

Wedding Vallarta Mexico 27

When I was offered to photograph Talia and Jamie’s wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I jumped at the opportunity! The chance to do a destination wedding is a dream come true, and I couldn’t have gotten a better couple to do it for. Jamie and Talia were relaxed, cool, in high spirits and so much fun to photograph. Their personalities interweave so well you’d think they had been married for many years already, and the love that is present between Talia, Jamie and Diego is very inspiring. Continue reading

Tracy & Mark


I met Tracy and Mark when their original photographer and my friend Kristina recommended me to them, and we met at a cafe to discuss their photography needs for their wedding. At the time, with their wedding just a few months away, and having had a couple of schedule changes, they were understandably under some pressure to get things done!  They had a good sense of humour about everything though, and we quickly ironed out the details of what they wanted and what I could offer. Continue reading

Kavitha & Sean’s Engagement Party

Long distant relationships must be among the hardest things a couple in love has to face. Loneliness, doubts, and a lot more effort to speak to your significant other than people who get to see their loved ones on a daily basis. But those who can endure the hardness of a long distant relationship know that the struggle only helps bring them closer together. Kavitha and Sean have had to endure several bouts of long distance relationships, and each time it only reassured them that they were meant to be together.

IMG_3036 Continue reading

On Wedding Photography

Last weekend, I went to Vancouver to attend my wife’s sister’s wedding! They had a very fun and unique ceremony, including mixing different spices, which represented certain qualities one would want in a marriage, wine drinking (maybe not so unique for Catholics I guess!) and a fantastic Master of Ceremonies.  I did not intend to take many pictures, because I still haven’t gotten a good replacement for the camera and lens that was stolen in Cambodia. I felt that it was not really a good idea because wedding pictures should be flawless and fantastic and I didn’t think I had the equipment necessary to do this (also, it was a good excuse, since I haven’t really been using my camera much since I arrived back in Canada)

But then I started taking a couple pictures here and there, and quickly realized how much I’d missed using my camera! I had gotten into a funk, ever since Cambodia, and it was hard to shake off because I constantly felt that my pictures could be a lot better with a decent lens and body. My pictures where never as focused as I wanted them to be, or as sharp, or as clear, and it would always get me down thinking that I wasn’t taking my best photography because of this.

But taking all these pictures made me remember why I love photography. It’s not really about the perfect picture (though it helps alot when you take them) and it’s definitely not about having the best gear (though it’s nice to have it!), it’s really about the experience of capturing moments. All moments. And yes, the wedding pictures I took this weekend aren’t the best I could have done, nor the sharpest, and some are a bit out of focus, but it was a fantastic experience to capture so much love and happiness in one place, and in the process, reacquaint myself with photography. So I guess it’s true what the beatles say! All you need is love!