Blooming Flowers, AKA photoshoot in Downtown Ottawa!

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My friend Ylimay makes flower crowns for weddings and events in and around Ottawa. I’ve previously worked with her on some photo shoots, and every time I go I end up having a blast, so when she asked if I’d like to do a shoot downtown, I immediately said “let’s do it!” Continue reading

5 Things to do in Rome for 2015 AKA Italy is still Amazing!

chrisquiroz.comRome is one of those cities you could visit for a month and still feel like there is too much to do! The architecture, the history and the food are just the starting points! My wife and I spent about 10 days in Rome, and it was one of the highlights of our trip around the world! Here are 5 things you should be doing if you are planning on visiting: Continue reading

Winter in Ottawa, Canada AKA Snow, Cold Weather and Hot Chocolate!

This weekend my wife and I rented a car and decided to go to Gatineau Park for a hike and a picnic, before the winter chill came (I’m a little bit of a baby when it comes to cold weather!). Of course I decided that being in the forest would be the perfect opportunity to take a few pictures, and it wasn’t long before I found a nice little creek!

first snow ottawa winter 2014_0003 Continue reading

Surprising my Wife in Penticton, BC AKA Traveling to the Okanagan Valley!

thanksgiving penticton

For Thanksgiving, my wife decided to visit her family in the Okanagan Valley to spend some time with them. She wanted me to go, but I had a lot of work at the time and told her that it would be pretty hard to get the time off to be able to fly out west, and that I would have to sit this one out. Little did she know that I bought my tickets a little bit after her and decided that I was going to surprise the bejesus out of her!

Once she left, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands (husbands will know lol) and wanted to do something creative and fun! At the same time, my boss had started this challenge of waking up at 5am everyday in order to get more done, and I had followed suit (for the record, that ended after exactly 2 weeks!) with the intention of capturing a few timelapses around Ottawa. Continue reading

Enjoying the Snow in Ottawa AKA Happy 2014!

A mother and daughter skate on the Ottawa Canal

A mother and daughter skate on the Ottawa Canal

For the past few years, I have had a very hard time enjoying the wintertime in Ottawa. The cold wind, having to always look at your feet to make sure you don’t trip or slip on some snow, those 5 minutes that seem to last hours while waiting for the bus on a freezing night. It’s hard to imagine how some people love winter so much. But as luck would have it, my wife is one of those people, and slowly, she has been helping me enjoy the season a bit more! Continue reading

A look at the Rocky Mountains from Banff aka The first time I saw real mountains

We went to Banff for a wedding. Did not imagine the mountains to be this amazing!

We went to Banff for a wedding. Did not imagine the mountains to be this amazing!

Growing up in Mexico, I had only ever seen the mountains out west through pictures in one of those coffee table books my mother had laying around the house, and living in Ottawa, our mountains are like small hills when you compare them to the Canadian Rocky mountains! It’s almost impossible to grasp their size, beauty and the feeling of overpowerment you get the first time you see them with your own eyes. If you have never been out west, and have never experienced these beautiful mountains, then all I can offer you are a few pictures in a feeble attempt to make you feel the way I feel! Enjoy! Continue reading

Of Paris and Art

While travelling through Paris, my wife and I stayed at a friend’s apartment, and every day we would walk down a street to get some bread from a bakery. On the way, I would always notice what appeared to be a vandal drawing at first, but when looked at closer, was a small mural made up of mosaic squares. I was impressed because it reminded me of the old days of video games when everything was pixelated, and because the artwork was based off of the MegaMan series!


As we explored Paris, we started noticing that these mosaics  were popping up everywhere. A quick Google search told us that the artist goes by the name of “Invader”, who continuously places his urban art all over Paris, along with other cities around the world (Tokyo, LA, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Berlin etc). I enjoyed the idea of trying to find these mosaics while touring the city, so whenever I found one, I took a picture of it, like a trophy!

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