Karen and Dave, AKA a Night Among the Stars!

ottawa wedding photography 2016


what a night. With the sky displaying thousands of stars, and the Milky Way’s galactic center in plain view, Karen and Dave took a short moment on a bench and let me take some pictures of them. I’m sure that being away from the party and the music for a few minutes while I forced them to sit in silence for 30 second intervals gave them time to reflect everything they had just gone through in just one day!

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Blooming Flowers, AKA photoshoot in Downtown Ottawa!

Ottawa wedding photography 2015 flowers beautiful unique04


My friend Ylimay makes flower crowns for weddings and events in and around Ottawa. I’ve previously worked with her on some photo shoots, and every time I go I end up having a blast, so when she asked if I’d like to do a shoot downtown, I immediately said “let’s do it!” Continue reading

Amanda and Josh AKA 2015 Season is here!

Ottawa wedding photographer 2015 winter_0041

I find it hard to shoot in winter. Not because the snow is bright, or it’s cold out (though that doesn’t help!), but because winter time makes me incredibly lazy! I like sitting around in the winter, watching re-runs of television shows and playing videogames. I try to do photography projects, but many of them wind up on the cutting table.

But all it takes is a walk in the woods and a fun shoot to bring it back! Amanda and Josh seemed perfectly comfy in the snow, even when we had to make a hike up hill at the beginning to reach our destination. Continue reading

The Wild Crowd AKA Caitlin and David’s Engagement Party

Ottawa engagement party 003

From the moment I stepped into the house, I could feel the high energy bouncing around. Great stories were being told, laughter was spreading like wildfire and two families were cementing their bonds through Caitlin and David. And when you see them talking to each other, joking around and laughing about silly things together, it’s easy to understand why the energy was so abundant!  Continue reading

Al & Maria’s engagement, AKA what did Al whisper to Maria?

What do you think Al whispered to get her to laugh this much?

What do you think Al whispered to get her to laugh this much?


When I met Al and Maria for the first time to discuss what I could bring to their wedding, I immediately knew I wanted to be their photographer. Getting to know your client can be a bit tricky sometimes, but with Al and Maria, I felt a connection as soon as they sat down and began discussing what they wanted out of their pictures.

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Playing with fire aka my 10 year old self just high-fived me through the space time continuum!


Playing with fire

Playing with fire

Despite officially beginning on March 20, Spring really began in Ottawa last Saturday, and after a long winter of barely using my camera, I was very excited to hit the snow-free ground running!

Like most boys, I went through a small pyromaniac faze. Fire is exciting! It’s in constant motion and you can literally feel the energy in it! With this in mind, I have had many photography ideas based around fire, like a trash-the-dress shoot or an engagement session with a fun, and probably a bit crazy, couple! But to do any of this I need to learn how to create, control and photograph fire!

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Flying Away to Your Destination Wedding!

Ottawa photography

When I was approached by Viky and Lee with the idea to photograph a 50’s style engagement session, I was ecstatic! I have always wanted to do a shoot that brings a couple back to the golden age of cinematography, home to Frank Sinatra’s rebirth and 25 cent a gallon gasoline.  And when I heard that they were planning on having a destination wedding, I knew the perfect setup for their session!

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I didn’t actually take any of the video the day I shot Kavitha and Sean’s engagement party, I was photographing it! Shooting video though,  is something that I also enjoy doing. It’s very different from photography, and yet you need to know a lot of the same things in order to do it right : lighting, scenes, backgrounds, where the sun is, color contrast etc etc. So when I was asked if I could shoot video as well at the engagement party, I knew I wouldn’t be able to shoot it myself…but I knew just the right person!

Alex 1

Alex is my brother in law and one of my best friends! We both grew up in Mexico and both love photography and videography, though he actually studied some of it! So I went to Alex and asked him if he’d like to shoot the video for the wedding and he said he’d love to!  Continue reading