Surprising my Wife in Penticton, BC AKA Traveling to the Okanagan Valley!

thanksgiving penticton

For Thanksgiving, my wife decided to visit her family in the Okanagan Valley to spend some time with them. She wanted me to go, but I had a lot of work at the time and told her that it would be pretty hard to get the time off to be able to fly out west, and that I would have to sit this one out. Little did she know that I bought my tickets a little bit after her and decided that I was going to surprise the bejesus out of her!

Once she left, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands (husbands will know lol) and wanted to do something creative and fun! At the same time, my boss had started this challenge of waking up at 5am everyday in order to get more done, and I had followed suit (for the record, that ended after exactly 2 weeks!) with the intention of capturing a few timelapses around Ottawa. Continue reading


The Red Button Does What?

While I was travelling in Cambodia, a friend of mine contacted me with a proposition. It turns out that he had bought a hotel in Siem Reap, and he wanted me to make a promotional video for him. I have played with the video features of my camera before, and I’ve always been impressed with the quality (especially when you pair it with a decent lens), however, I had never done a project for someone else and the idea of a friend placing a part of their advertising in my hands freaked me out…until he said that in exchange I could stay at his hotel for free. We arrived 2 days later lol

I didn’t really know much on how to make a promotional video, mainly because I tend to ignore them on TV, so naturally the first thing I did was go to the bar and get a beer, then have a nice lunch with my wife, then visit the Angkor temples!

After I got that out of my system, I got to work on the video. It’s not the best, and looking at it again, I can already see things I would change, but it’s the first project I’ve ever been paid for (even though I received no money, 4 nights at a decent hotel is not a bad payment!), and it’s a good start!

This is the video. On the technical side, I used 2 lenses. my wide angle lens (10-22mm) and my 17-55mm. F stops ranging from 2.8 to about 15. Tripod of course, and I edited it with Sony Vegas 8.