Glassblowing in Ottawa AKA Glass Masters are Among Us!

Ottawa Glass blowing ornament_0004When I travelled to Venice, Italy, I saw a store where they demonstrated how to create pieces of art with glass. I was intrigued because being a guy, I am naturally attracted to fire and melting things! So when Shannon invited me to a glass blowing, Christmas ornament making workshop, I jumped at the opportunity! Continue reading


Of Paris and Art

While travelling through Paris, my wife and I stayed at a friend’s apartment, and every day we would walk down a street to get some bread from a bakery. On the way, I would always notice what appeared to be a vandal drawing at first, but when looked at closer, was a small mural made up of mosaic squares. I was impressed because it reminded me of the old days of video games when everything was pixelated, and because the artwork was based off of the MegaMan series!


As we explored Paris, we started noticing that these mosaics ¬†were popping up everywhere. A quick Google search told us that the artist goes by the name of “Invader”, who continuously places his urban art all over Paris, along with other cities around the world (Tokyo, LA, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Berlin etc). I enjoyed the idea of trying to find these mosaics while touring the city, so whenever I found one, I took a picture of it, like a trophy!

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