5 Things I Learned Attempting Levitation Photography

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Spring could not come soon enough! While I enjoy the beauty of the snow, it is immensely hard for me to do photography during the winter, as the bitter cold is like Kryptonite to me, so during these cold months, I watch tv, read blogs and gain weight.

On one of these blogs I came across, someone had taken a cool levitation photograph, and I told myself “How hard can that be?” So when the snow melted, and the sun stayed out for longer than 4 hours during the day, I took my camera and started figuring out how to get some fun levitation pictures for myself! This is what I learned:

1-The setup:  There are two ways that I accomplished the effect of floating or flying in the air. One is to use a ladder, or a step stool to gain height, then take two pictures; one of you posing on the ladder, the other the scene without you or your ladder. Then you merge them in Photoshop and take away the ladder

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The Christmas Prank

Christmas is usually a great time to spend with family and remember to be thankful for all the great things in your life. It’s also the perfect time to pull a quick prank on someone, since people are already expecting presents!

My stepfather decided that was the way to go when he gave me this gift!

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I’m starting to create a facebook page for my photography, ans decided that I needed a new profile picture. Seeing as I have no money, I ended up using what I could find in the house. It’s always surprising how much stuff we have! Hats, ornaments, books, suitcases, blankets, decorations… it’s a wonder how I don’t do a different theme shoot every day!

One of the things I found in the basement, was a very old fan. It’s probably at least 50 years old! It’s made entirely of metal and looks like it belongs in an old office! It gave me the idea to do a portrait with a little bit of classic in it. Of course, seeing as that was all I really had that was very old, I did my best to look the part and used the oldest camera I could find!

Once again, it all comes down to having fun. As long as I continue to love taking pictures, I’ll keep on doing it!

As for the technicalities, this was taken with a canon t4i, in RAW, and edited with photoshop cs6. Still no full frame camera for me, but hopefully soon!

Me, Myself and I

It’s been 11 days since I finished my 7 month long trip around the world and arrived in Ottawa. The first couple of days, I adjusted to the time difference, the next couple of days, I adjusted to the amount of food being served to me, and for the last couple of days, I have been trying to adjust with the boredom that comes from not being out and exploring all day long.

Pictured: Me not bored


I wanted to be creative and have some fun, be distracted and excited for something again! Sure, I’ve started to look for work in BC, where My wife and I are planning to move (wink wink to anyone hiring!), and I’ve had fun hanging out with friends and family, but I needed a small project to keep me busy! 

A while ago, I found a photograph of someone who had taken many different pictures of himself in different positions and combined them into one amazing portrait. So I thought to myself, “How hard can that really be?”

A bit. A bit is the answer. But also fun!  With the help of my brother in law, we rearranged my parents bedroom and got to work on figuring out the best positions to place me in.


After all the pictures were taken, it was just a matter of overlaying them one by one in photoshop and adding the next “Chris” into the picture!

Things to look out for if you are going to do this:

Lighting. Be careful because you’ll be using the same scene with the same light, and if it changes (ie, the sun goes behind a cloud) that’s extra work for you to balance it all out! I had lots of problems with the lighting and it makes some of the figures look fake or clumsily Photoshopped in.

Tripod. Make sure you use one, and try to not touch it! The pictures are supposed to be exactly the same with only you moving around! If the camera moves even just a bit, it could mean that the pictures are useless! 

Scene. Be creative and find a good place for you to do things! We thought the room would be a nice place, but in the end, I didn’t really like it that much. 

For the first time doing one of these multiple pictures of myself, I’m happy about the results. It takes practice to get everything right! The best advice I can give is to just have fun with it! This picture was supposed to be my facebook cover for my photography page, but it didn’t turn out right. That being said, it was fun to do, and I learned a bit in the process! I guess that’s the point of it! 

If you have any tips on how to make life easier while doing this project, comment away! It’s always great to read someone else’s perspective on this!

We Live in a Beautiful World

I’m home. After 7 months, 15 countries, 49,000 pictures and countless adventures, I’m finally home. It took almost 2 full days to travel from Tokyo to Ottawa (when you buy really cheap plane tickets, the price is time!), and I’m writing this post at 3am because I probably have some jet lag, but I’m finally home.

I haven’t had too much time to reflect on everything I have experienced through my travels this year, but whenever I try, my thoughts inevitably end up in the same sentence. We live in a beautiful world.

It’s everywhere you look, from the crystal clear oceans in Thailand, to the 10,000 tons of metal that makes the Eiffel tower in Paris. I saw breath taking landscapes in Ireland, played with wonderfully kind elephants in Laos, explored magnificent ruins in Cambodia, ate the best pizza of my life in Italy (surprise surprise!) and got caught up in the excitement of sumo wrestling in Japan.



I met some fantastic people along the way. Some opened up their homes to us, others opened a beer bottle. Some climbed mount Vesuvius with us, while others partied in Xochimilco with us. We bathed in jaw dropping waterfalls with some, and learned how to cook with others. 

It helps when you travel with your best friend, who also happens to be my wife. Somehow, these experiences seemed more meaningful with her by my side, and I feel blessed to have been able to share these experiences together. In 7 months, the most time we spent apart was when we lost each other an hour in London. Some people wonder how you can spend so much time with someone and not go crazy, but she always helped me see the world in the best light there could be, and I love her to death for it.

This world is beautiful. Whether you are watching the sky burn as the sun disappears into the horizon at a beach in Malaysia, or are watching the Parisian streets turn to life early in the morning, it’s beautiful. I am lucky to have been able to see first hand how beautiful this world truly is. It’s very easy to forget when you read or watch the news, or are stuck in a rut at work, or having problems with life in general, and sometimes it feels like we don’t have the time to appreciate just how lucky we are to live here, but hopefully this post will remind you, if only for a couple of minutes, that we live in a beautiful world.

Chris Quiroz 

The World is Not Black &White

Something that I’ve toyed at while editing photographs is adding in some color to an otherwise black and white picture. I like the idea of someone’s eyes being drawn to a splash of color in a picture full of grey, black and white. It’s also not really hard to do lol which is a bonus. But I also believe that maybe it can be just a gimmick that helps people turn a boring picture into something a bit more artsy, as I did with this picture of the motercyle. 

I had seen a picture like it and wanted to imitate it. As it turns out, imitating someone is a lot harder then I thought it would be! In a city full of scooters (Rome) I had trouble finding a decent setting to snap away at. Maybe it was because I was trying to be too specific, maybe I was being held back because of the task I had assigned myself, but probably it had something to do with being uninspired to actually do it well. If someone has already done it, what’s the point? Maybe to make it better, or perhaps to add a new element or twist to it. But I wasn’t feeling it, so the picture looks forced (and way over hdr’d, but that’s a post for another day!)

I think I’d like to try a bit more with this type of photography. Anyone who has any tips or tricks is welcome to do it in the comments! The only thing left to do now, is keep on clicking! 

Now What?

A couple of weeks ago, I was traveling to a beach in Cambodia. At the half way point, the bus stopped at a restaurant so we could all get a bite to eat. I got off and had a quick meal, then returned to the bus and listened to music until we arrived.
Once at the hotel, I checked my camera bag, and found that someone had stolen my Canon T2i, along with my 17-55 F2.8 lens. Shit.
These things happen. It’s partly my fault for not carrying my bag with me like it was an internal organ of mine, but that doesn’t really help my situation. After going through a couple of the 5 stages of grief, my mind quickly focused on the all important question: Now what?
The question  was quite simple, yet very complicated.
What camera will you buy now?
The easiest solution would be to just buy the same model and get on with my life. After all, I know most of the features of that camera inside and out, and I am quite comfortable with it. However, it’s also the perfect opportunity to upgrade, even if modestly.

Should I get a full sensor camera, like the 5D mark II or III?

Should I get a 7D? Or maybe a 60D?

Should I spend the money on a good lens and upgrade the body later?

Should I just suck it up and get both at the same time?

Should I just buy a point and shoot and forget about the whole thing?

There are so many options and so many ways to mix and match the answers. Sometimes I think “invest in it all at once!” and others i believe “just get a good lens right now. There’s plenty of time for a new body”. Whatever my decision, one thing is for certain. I was robbed of my camera, but my passion seems to have grown!