Jenna & Mitch AKA The Harry Potter Wedding!

Sitting at the coffee shop with Jenna and Mitch, I never would have thought that I’d be photographing a Harry Potter inspired wedding! Coming from Calgary, we had previously chatted on Skype about perhaps using their Mercedes as a prop for some of the photographs, but when they told me they liked Harry Potter and would consider doing some fun pictures around the books, my mind went nuts!

harry potter wedding 0031

It’s not often that you get to shoot something out of the ordinary, as most couples want formal portraits mixed with some candid ones. It’s also not too often you get to shoot a wedding with people as laid back as Jenna and Mitch! Their down to earth style along with their awesome wedding party was perfect for the type of shooting we’d end up doing!

I arrived at the location a bit early so I could check out the decorations and take pictures without being worried about missing any important details, and I immediately knew that I made the right decision! The tent was gorgeously decorated, with a tasteful, camping/nature vibe to it, reminiscent of William Weasley and Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter characters for those out of the loop!).




The ceremony was fantastic. Very sweet, very simple, very quick!
















As is the case for most weddings, time is always against the photographer! I could have taken pictures of Jenna, Mitch and their wedding party all day!

small_0029 small_0030 harry potter wedding 0031 small_0032 small_0033 small_0034 small_0035 harry potter wedding 0036 small_0037 small_0038 small_0039 small_0041 small_0043 small_0060 small_0059 small_0058 small_0057


This wedding has been one of the highlights of my photography career, and even though some of it has to do with the magical feeling of it all, I know most of it is due to the amazing personalities of Jenna and Mitch, who went along with my requests and crazy ideas! I wish both of you the best of luck and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your big day!


small_0042 small_0044 small_0047 small_0061 small_0046 small_0063 small_0064 small_0065


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