The Wild Crowd AKA Caitlin and David’s Engagement Party

Ottawa engagement party 003

From the moment I stepped into the house, I could feel the high energy bouncing around. Great stories were being told, laughter was spreading like wildfire and two families were cementing their bonds through Caitlin and David. And when you see them talking to each other, joking around and laughing about silly things together, it’s easy to understand why the energy was so abundant! 

Ottawa engagement party 001 Ottawa engagement party 002 Ottawa engagement party 005

The backyard had been recently renovated and looked fantastic, although the parents had a statue of a bear couple in clothes in the garden, and every time I looked in its direction, I thought it was someone watching me and it kept freaking me out!

bears in ottawa

Aside from the bear family, the entire place was wonderfully decorated, and they had included some nifty ideas such as bottles of wine which guests would sign with suggestions for marriage or popsicle sticks on which date ideas were written. Even the lanterns they had were hand-made and painted!

Ottawa engagement party 010 Ottawa engagement party 004 Ottawa engagement party 007All in all, I am excited for Caitlin and David! They are very lucky to have such wonderful family and such fun and crazy friends around them! I definitely can see why they are together, and the only tip I have is to not accept those bear statues as a wedding gift!

Ottawa engagement party 008 Ottawa engagement party 009 Ottawa engagement party 006 Ottawa engagement party 011



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One thought on “The Wild Crowd AKA Caitlin and David’s Engagement Party

  1. Thank-you Chris for shooting our special day. We love the pictures and we will most certainly not accept those bears as a wedding gift!

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