Mi Li and Edmond’s Wedding AKA The Simple Things in Life

Ottawa Wedding main picture

As I went around the house, taking detail shots of the decorations, food and preparations, I noticed how calm both Ed and Mi Li seemed to be. No nerves, no jitters, no pacing up and down stairs; it was all smiles and laughter! And it makes sense, when you are marrying your best friend in front of your family.


The reception_0027

The reception_0028Both seemed very much at ease, and I think a lot of it had to do with the simplicity in their wedding. Getting married in their own home, with family members, a few tasteful decorations and a lot of positive energy was more than enough to make this day one to remember!

The reception_0051 The reception_0054 The reception_0056 The reception_0062

The ceremony was fantastic, their family members were very warm and kind, and Mi Li and Ed were the epitome of joyous! I’m so happy to have been a part of their day and to have been given the opportunity to photograph their wedding in their new home! Congrats once again to both of you!


The reception_0035 The reception_0034

The reception_0036

The reception_0032 The reception_0031 The reception_0077 The reception_0069 The reception_0084 The reception_0085


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