Al and Maria’s Wedding day aka Love truly falls from the sky!

Ottawa Wedding shoot005

Watching Al and Maria getting ready for their big day at the Hampton Inn in Ottawa, you’d think they were going to a baseball game! I expected the sky-diving, thrill seeking bride to be cool and collected, but I thought that the groom would be a bit nervous (Lord knows I was when I got married!). Turns out they were both at ease, both relaxed, and both more than ready for this day. This is a great way to sum up Al and Maria: completely nsync with each other, even when not together.

My second photographer, the wonderful Natasha Rombough, and I arrived at the Hampton Inn and immediately began taking pictures of Maria (the groom usually does not get ready until much closer to the wedding!). She had some of her bridesmaids there, getting their hair and makeup done. The closer the time to leave came, the more excited everyone got!

ottawa wedding getting ready

Ottawa wedding getting ready

Ottawa Wedding bride006

Ottawa Wedding bride007

Ottawa Wedding bride009

Ottawa Wedding bride005

Ottawa Wedding bride002


Oh. You might be wondering who this Wilson look-alike is. Well, it turns out that Al and Maria met on the volleyball court, and in honor of this, they had a game where if you wanted the bride and groom to kiss, you had to answer a question about them (such as “How many languages does Maria speak?”). Get it right and they kiss! Get it wrong, and you’ll wind up kissing the mud spattered volleyball!


We then headed to Al’s room to see how he was doing. Al and his gang were all fun and jokes, and in typical men’s fashion, took about 10 minutes to get ready! So what are the groom and groomsmen to do with so much free time?

Ottawa Wedding groom001

Ottawa Wedding groom002

Ottawa Wedding groom003

the groom getting ready

Ottawa Wedding groom006

Ottawa Wedding groom007

Ottawa Wedding groom008

the groom and the skull

Ottawa Wedding groom009

Ottawa Wedding groom010

A few hours after arriving at the hotel, we were ready to head to the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica of Ottawa. This church is absolutely beautiful and it was a privilege to shoot a wedding in it!

Ottawa Wedding basilica church001

Ottawa Wedding basilica church002

wedding at basilica


Ottawa Wedding basilica church007

Ottawa Wedding basilica church008

Ottawa Wedding basilica church009

Ottawa Wedding basilica church010

Ottawa Wedding basilica church011

Ottawa Wedding basilica church012

Ottawa Wedding basilica church013

Ottawa Wedding basilica church014

Ottawa Wedding basilica church015

Ottawa Wedding basilica church016

Ottawa Wedding basilica church017

The wedding ceremony was fantastic, and it was made so much better because Al and Maria were able to share it with so many friends and relatives that came from all over! A couple of quick pictures outside of the basilica, and it was off to the Governor General’s gardens for some photo fun with the wedding party!

2014-07-07_0017 2014-07-07_0015 2014-07-07_0018 2014-07-07_0019 2014-07-07_0020 2014-07-07_0021 2014-07-07_0023 2014-07-07_0016 2014-07-07_0022

Ottawa Wedding 2015 004

Ottawa Wedding 2015 001

Finally, after a long day, it was time to let loose and enjoy the evening with friends and family, and if for a second I thought that maybe Al and Maria were a little tired, they sure proved me wrong! They had An amazing entrance, a great first dance, a very fun game involving shoes, and high energy the entire night!

Ottawa Wedding 2015 003By the time I left, the exhausted one was me!And in between running around searching for the right hotel rooms, tiptoeing through the basilica attempting to find the right angles, shooing away people who were getting in the way of pictures at the gardens, and trying to keep up with the limitless energy of the newlyweds, I realized that these two simply work. And that’s probably the biggest excitement and thrill either of them can chase…which won’t stop Maria from jumping out of planes!

Chris Quiroz



The reception_0002 The reception_0005 The reception_0004 The reception_0003 The reception_0006 The reception_0007 The reception_0008 The reception_0010 The reception_0009 The reception_0001 The reception_0011



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2 thoughts on “Al and Maria’s Wedding day aka Love truly falls from the sky!

  1. I’m a colleague of Maria’s and I must say that these pictures are wonderful! Wow! I’m blown away. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the couple and their Big Day. Cheers!

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