Autumn in Ottawa, or How the Warmth escaped from me!

autumn in ottawa photography

It happens so fast every year, it’s sometimes hard to appreciate it. One moment, Ottawa is basking in the double digit patio season, the next thing you know, the trees look like they are on fire! Where did all the green go? The answer? To hibernate for a long time! I actually enjoy the fall very much; The crisp cool air in the morning, red and orange leaves coming down like rain on my way to work, pumpkins appearing on the doorsteps of my neighbors, there’s so much to look forward to!

Fire in the sky ottawa

I think my favorite part of the fall though, is Halloween. Every year, people find ways to impress me with their costumes as they stroll down the Byward Market, and every year, seeing the kids trick-or-treat in the neighborhood really makes me happy! We also get to break out the Catrinas we bought when we travelled to Patzcuaro, Mexico for “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the dead). The holiday focuses on paying your respects to the deceased, with offerings of food, dances, poetry and even some humour to connect once more with those who have passed away.

Ottawa halloween engagement autumnm skeletons

Although it saddens me a bit to be leaving summer behind ( I am a HUGE fan!), Autumn in Ottawa is a very nice transitional season into the hard, cold grip of winter ( NOT a fan!). It gently acclimatizes my body to the cold, and allows me to take fantastic pictures of a beautiful time. The longer I live in Canada, the more I appreciate the season.

Also, I love hot chocolate, and the excuse to drink it becomes easier and easier each day! If you have a favorite part of the fall, let me know!


birds flying away from ottawa photography

ottawa photography experimental farm

ottawa sunrise in autumn

Ottawa river in autumn

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