Flying Away to Your Destination Wedding!

Ottawa photography

When I was approached by Viky and Lee with the idea to photograph a 50’s style engagement session, I was ecstatic! I have always wanted to do a shoot that brings a couple back to the golden age of cinematography, home to Frank Sinatra’s rebirth and 25 cent a gallon gasoline.  And when I heard that they were planning on having a destination wedding, I knew the perfect setup for their session!

ottawa wedding photography

There is a lot of planning involved in any engagement or wedding shoot, but this one involved many individual specifics. For starters, I needed to locate a plane that fit the part, luggage from the era, and small knick knacks to sell the illusion of going back to the 50s, as it’s all in those small details. Luckily for me, I had a great-aunt who just happened to have many things from that time, including genuine Canadian passports from the era, and I acquired a very old trunk case from a neighbor who had thrown it out!

ottawa photographer

The day of the shoot, Vicky and Lee came to the airport looking their sharpest (I was very impressed!) and we had a blast making it all come together, shooting inside and out of the plane, and chasing the final sunrays of the evening, before packing it up and heading home! The idea of an engagement story where the couple flies off to their wedding was fantastic, and I’m so happy to have been able to shoot it with such a relaxed and easy-going couple!

-Chris Quiroz


ottawa photography 2013

ottawa photography

ottawa photography

ottawa photography

ottawa photography


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