Canada Day 2013 – Ottawa Loves the Show

Every year on July 1st, thousands of people gather downtown to celebrate the birthday of Canada, and every year, I get to see almost every type of Canadian in one party! From the youngest Canadians who are seeing massive crowds for the first time, to the young partying Canadians who know where the best bars are at, to the new Canadians, happy to experience the pride of being surrounded and embraced by other Canadians. There’s the loud Canadians, the serious Canadians, the “why would you bring a stroller into a crowd this big?” Canadians, and the “I LOVE CANADA AND WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW IT!! Canadians (they’re really fun!)



As a Canadian born in Mexico, this celebration is always special to me, as I get to embrace my Canadian heritage to the fullest and walk along thousands of other people, many who are exactly like me; born in another country, raised in another country, thankful to live in this country, and proud to be a part of this country. Canada is one of the biggest multicultural hubbs in the world and it’s great to see how people have embraced their new country and mixed their traditional cultures in the process.




Downtown is crazy for most of the day! There are street performers, artists, musicians, people trying to convert you to a new religion, or political view, or moral view ( not gonna lie, I got in an argument with an abortion protester). There is a sea of red and white, flags and hats, and most of all faces of people having a good time, bringing their kids to experience the downtown vibe. And who could forget the fireworks? They’re the best! Canada day is one of my favorite holidays here, as it brings many people together in one place, celebrating something that we can all agree on. It’s great to be Canadian.




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