Tracy & Mark


I met Tracy and Mark when their original photographer and my friend Kristina recommended me to them, and we met at a cafe to discuss their photography needs for their wedding. At the time, with their wedding just a few months away, and having had a couple of schedule changes, they were understandably under some pressure to get things done!  They had a good sense of humour about everything though, and we quickly ironed out the details of what they wanted and what I could offer.

All couples hope that on their wedding day, the sun will shine, the weather will be warm and the wind will be a nice gentle breeze. For Tracy and Mark, it seemed none of these things wanted to cooperate. Luckily for them, they have an amazing attitude and surround themselves with one of the most laidback, fun group I’ve had the pleasure of photographing! Both have such a unique charm about them, and they seemed to fully enjoy every minute of their day.

The wedding took place at the Orchard View, which has its own rooms where the party could get ready. Even though the day was rainy and a bit cold, the clouds meant that I wouldn’t have to worry so much about shadows, which is a plus on the photography side! Umbrellas, on the other hand, can cast dark shadows on subjects, so I had to be careful about that. The room had a window where plenty of light came through, and Tracy and her bridesmaids sure knew how to keep the energy going!


_MG_7465 bw

_MG_7570 bw

Mark came later on in the afternoon with his groomsmen, and as soon as the weather cooperated for a bit, we took some quick pictures outside. The boys were all fun and games and in high spirits, which is always good, as the groom tends to be a bit (or a bunch) nervous, and I’m positive the job of the groomsmen is to help him keep his cool! Mark seemed really relaxed though, and his great mood carried into the whole day!

_MG_7839 bw



In the end, the perfect wedding day has nothing to do with how warm it is, or if the sun is cooperating or not. It’s the people that you surround yourself with, and all the positive energy that is created by everyone. This wedding was fantastic. It was fun, energetic and incredibly positive! Seeing Tracy and Mark together, being so relaxed with each other and easygoing with everyone else really made my day! The delicious dinner sealed the deal on a perfect wedding day! Congratulations to Tracy and Mark!

tracy stuff


_MG_8164 wb



_MG_8484 2




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