5 Things I Learned Attempting Levitation Photography

jump 1

Spring could not come soon enough! While I enjoy the beauty of the snow, it is immensely hard for me to do photography during the winter, as the bitter cold is like Kryptonite to me, so during these cold months, I watch tv, read blogs and gain weight.

On one of these blogs I came across, someone had taken a cool levitation photograph, and I told myself “How hard can that be?” So when the snow melted, and the sun stayed out for longer than 4 hours during the day, I took my camera and started figuring out how to get some fun levitation pictures for myself! This is what I learned:

1-The setup:  There are two ways that I accomplished the effect of floating or flying in the air. One is to use a ladder, or a step stool to gain height, then take two pictures; one of you posing on the ladder, the other the scene without you or your ladder. Then you merge them in Photoshop and take away the ladder

chris falling into water

The other way is to jump and strike a pose! Many people have posted pictures online doing just that, and it works well for them. Personally, I prefer the first method because I’m up higher and because I’m bad at posing, which brings me to the second thing I learned:

2-Practice your pose! I’m great at telling people how they should move, and where their arm is supposed to be, but terrible at doing this for myself. Luckily, my lovely wife was there to tell me if I looked like a mannequin, or if the pose was worth keeping!

chris quiroz

3- Research your background. You want something that will highlight the fact that you’re floating, not hide it or make it appear like maybe you could be flying. I learned this the hard way, as more often than not, the background makes you guess if I’m actually far off the ground or not.


4- Take lots of shots. Of course, this should go without saying, but it’s important, as if you don’t get it right, you’ll have to set up everything again, and if you’re taking pictures to merge them in Photoshop, you’ll have wasted the entire shoot.


5- Have fun! Be creative! The idea is to provoke some emotions from the picture, be it excitement, depression or happiness! This is a great way to get to know your camera better, set up a scene, figure out which lens works best with the effect you’re trying to achieve, or all of the above!





All in all, this was definitely a fun series to shoot, although at times a bit frustrating.  I suppose that’s the point of doing series, to have fun, learn and practice. I guess I should have done more of these projects during the wintertime, but I’m glad I’m out and about now, photographing the world once more!

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5 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned Attempting Levitation Photography

  1. The one with the teapot is brilliant! Tried it myself, but can’t get it to work so that it seems like it’s pouring something (it did leave with a lot of water to clean up…)

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