I didn’t actually take any of the video the day I shot Kavitha and Sean’s engagement party, I was photographing it! Shooting video though,  is something that I also enjoy doing. It’s very different from photography, and yet you need to know a lot of the same things in order to do it right : lighting, scenes, backgrounds, where the sun is, color contrast etc etc. So when I was asked if I could shoot video as well at the engagement party, I knew I wouldn’t be able to shoot it myself…but I knew just the right person!

Alex 1

Alex is my brother in law and one of my best friends! We both grew up in Mexico and both love photography and videography, though he actually studied some of it! So I went to Alex and asked him if he’d like to shoot the video for the wedding and he said he’d love to! 

The day of the party, Alex used a custom-made stabilizer which helped keep the camera from shaking too much. It was impressive to see it in action! His camera has a vari-angle screen, which helped him take shots where he needed the camera to be high up in the air, like when everyone was dancing! By the time we were both done shooting, we had been standing for about 10 hours, so our feet where pretty sore!

alex fendez

The next few days were spent editing the photographs, as that was my priority. Once they were finished, I could focus on the video. I was a bit nervous to be editing a video for a couple, as the previous videos I had done were just compilations of my travels. I had never really considered charging to do video until it was proposed for me, but I’m very glad the opportunity came up, because it was a lot of fun to do!

All in all, it took about 3 days to go through the video, figure out a storyline and piece everything together. The storyline is one of the most important things to get right, because you have to base everything else on that! I was pretty happy with the end result, and would definitely do it again if requested!

Alex really did a great job, so I’m thankful to know someone who can handle a camera as well as he can! The whole experience was fantastic, and the setting was wonderful, you couldn’t have asked for a more laid back and relaxed couple than Kavitha and Sean! Congrats again and I hope the wedding in India is as much fun as the engagement party was!



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