Kavitha & Sean’s Engagement Party

Long distant relationships must be among the hardest things a couple in love has to face. Loneliness, doubts, and a lot more effort to speak to your significant other than people who get to see their loved ones on a daily basis. But those who can endure the hardness of a long distant relationship know that the struggle only helps bring them closer together. Kavitha and Sean have had to endure several bouts of long distance relationships, and each time it only reassured them that they were meant to be together.


I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement party which had an Indian theme to it, and if I could sum it up in one quick sentence, they sure know how to party! The energy was fantastic, the food was phenomenal, and the dance floor was the place to be for the later part of the evening!

Kavi and crew got ready at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata, and looked pretty relaxed for someone about to host a party for what looked like 200 people! Sean arrived in an amazing modern Indian style suit later on in the afternoon and was ready to get things going!  We had planned to take pictures outside, but the weather was not cooperating so most of the family pictures were taken on the first floor of the hotel. I did manage to sneak Kavi and Sean away for a few minutes to try out some photography with some sparklers, and kudos to the both of them for braving the cold and wind for as long as they did!

Once the family pictures where through, it was off to the Kanata Lakes Golf and Country Club for dinner and dancing! The guests looked amazing, and everyone was having such a good time; and that was before they served the most delicious food ever!

The entire day was a lot of fun to shoot! It’s always easy when everyone is so happy to be there. I was thrilled to photograph such a fun and energetic party! I must thank my brother in law Alex for being the videographer for the day, as he was up and down and all over the place making sure the right angles were caught! By the time we got home, we were exhausted!

If you would like to see a couple of other pictures from the engagement party, head on over to facebook.com/chrisquirozphotography and poke around!

Congratulations Kavitha and Sean! If your wedding is as much fun as this party, India is in for one wild ride!




















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