Awakening the Darkness with Fun

A couple of weekends ago, I went to a Christmas party, where I had a fun conversation with Daniel about the fact that I haven’t had many photographic sessions with men. When I told him that I didn’t really know many guys that wanted to do shoots with me, he immediately took it as an opportunity to  work together! Daniel explained that people always see him as a really nice guy and a kind person, and he really wanted to show another side to him.



I had found a condemned house on the outskirts of Ottawa a long time ago, with furniture that looked like it had been there since the 50’s. This house is slated to be torn down in the spring with everything in it; perfect for Daniel to let his darker side out by playing a vandal who has found a place to destroy.

This shoot was a bit challenging for a few reasons. I’m not used to coming up with dark themes, as most of the sketches I have involve people falling in love and being happy, and coming up with the idea of a vandal and what he could do in an abandoned house was not easy! I also have just bought a new 7D and am not quite used to where each setting is yet. The third challenge was unexpected; the house was boarded up and was darker than I had anticipated. Still, these challenges were a lot of fun to take on and figure out!




















How much fun did we have? Breaking bottles with a crowbar and trying to time it to get that exact moment it breaks was one of the highlights for me! I got to take advantage of the 7D’s 8 frames per second shooting capabilities, and had lots of practice with my flash. The day was warm (for winter) and the house gave us plenty of props to use!



Daniel was a great person to work with, which probably just goes to show that no matter how much you want to look different, you can’t change who you are. And in the case of Daniel, that’s a good thing!

Chris Quiroz

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