The Christmas Prank

Christmas is usually a great time to spend with family and remember to be thankful for all the great things in your life. It’s also the perfect time to pull a quick prank on someone, since people are already expecting presents!

My stepfather decided that was the way to go when he gave me this gift!



For about 3 seconds, I actually thought that my parents had bought me a Canon 24-105 L series lens!  After 4 seconds, I noticed it wasn’t a Canon brand but a Canian lens…and it was pretty low quality… and it opened on the top part…and it was not an $800 lens, but a coffee mug.



I had already seen this mug online before, and thought it would be a great prank to do on someone, so it’s pretty funny that the prank was played on me! My stepfather says he never thought I’d believe it was a real lens, and when you take a couple of seconds to examine it, it’s hard to see how I fell for it! But i was a great trick, and I’m taking this mug to the office, where I’m sure it’ll be a hit! And so, the Christmas prank was a complete success, and if there’s a lesson in this it’s that I’ll be scrutinizing my birthday presents!

Happy holidays to everyone! Next year is going to be fantastic!

Chris Quiroz


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