If You Want Trouble, Find Yourself a Redhead

My sister and I used to live in Mexico. While redheads are not that uncommon here in Canada, down there they are a rare occurrence! Hence, my sister would always be at least partly defined by her hair. Her nick name down there is Chori, which is short for chorizo, a red sausage.  Ale is definitely a special person! She has lots of character, knows what she wants, moves mountains to obtain it, and, true to her red hair, has been known to have a slight temper at times.

As I continue to add to my portfolio, I decided it would be fun to do a quick portrait with my sister where I emphasized her hair. I borrowed her husband’s camera, since mine does not fare too well indoors, and placed her close to a bright light source to lighten her face. It would have been nice to have a flash, or a camera that you can bump the ISO without the picture getting grainy, but, as is the story so far in my photography life, you work with what you have!

Ale Looking away



It was fun working with my sister! She laughs a lot, and it was really great that you can see her smile even though her face is hidden! I wish that I could have gotten a bit sharper focus in the pictures, especially her eyes, but that will teach me to not use a tripod for these situations!  Thanks Ale for letting me take some pictures of you! We’ll have to do it again!


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