I’m starting to create a facebook page for my photography, ans decided that I needed a new profile picture. Seeing as I have no money, I ended up using what I could find in the house. It’s always surprising how much stuff we have! Hats, ornaments, books, suitcases, blankets, decorations… it’s a wonder how I don’t do a different theme shoot every day!

One of the things I found in the basement, was a very old fan. It’s probably at least 50 years old! It’s made entirely of metal and looks like it belongs in an old office! It gave me the idea to do a portrait with a little bit of classic in it. Of course, seeing as that was all I really had that was very old, I did my best to look the part and used the oldest camera I could find!

Once again, it all comes down to having fun. As long as I continue to love taking pictures, I’ll keep on doing it!

As for the technicalities, this was taken with a canon t4i, in RAW, and edited with photoshop cs6. Still no full frame camera for me, but hopefully soon!



  1. Great pictures. They look very classy, and I love how you arranged the objects. I’m inclined to say I like the first photo best, but the cameras bottom left in the other photos add a very nice touch… so I can’t make up my mind.

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