On Wedding Photography

Last weekend, I went to Vancouver to attend my wife’s sister’s wedding! They had a very fun and unique ceremony, including mixing different spices, which represented certain qualities one would want in a marriage, wine drinking (maybe not so unique for Catholics I guess!) and a fantastic Master of Ceremonies.  I did not intend to take many pictures, because I still haven’t gotten a good replacement for the camera and lens that was stolen in Cambodia. I felt that it was not really a good idea because wedding pictures should be flawless and fantastic and I didn’t think I had the equipment necessary to do this (also, it was a good excuse, since I haven’t really been using my camera much since I arrived back in Canada)

But then I started taking a couple pictures here and there, and quickly realized how much I’d missed using my camera! I had gotten into a funk, ever since Cambodia, and it was hard to shake off because I constantly felt that my pictures could be a lot better with a decent lens and body. My pictures where never as focused as I wanted them to be, or as sharp, or as clear, and it would always get me down thinking that I wasn’t taking my best photography because of this.

But taking all these pictures made me remember why I love photography. It’s not really about the perfect picture (though it helps alot when you take them) and it’s definitely not about having the best gear (though it’s nice to have it!), it’s really about the experience of capturing moments. All moments. And yes, the wedding pictures I took this weekend aren’t the best I could have done, nor the sharpest, and some are a bit out of focus, but it was a fantastic experience to capture so much love and happiness in one place, and in the process, reacquaint myself with photography. So I guess it’s true what the beatles say! All you need is love!


2 thoughts on “On Wedding Photography

  1. Long time no post, eh? 🙂 Nice to see you back.

    Great photos though! Even with out the better gear~ The one of their two hands pouring the sand into the glass – – that is super beautiful. I bet they’d love to have a copy of that.

    Welcome back to Vancouver!

  2. I LOVE the look of pure joy on Gilli’s face in this photo. It’s rare to capture that, and it never happens with posed shots. One of my favourites of all time.

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