Gunddam, That’s a Big Robot!

Yesterday was children’s day in Mexico and to celebrate, I decided to pamper my inner child and went to see a 59 ft robot!

He is part of an anime series called Gundam (there are many different tv shows and comics based on these robots), where the heroes had their own giant robots. The series was huge in Japan, and I was a fan when they showed some of the cartoons in Mexico, so to see one of your childhood heroes come to life is a mini-dream come true! 

There were a lot of people there to see the robot. Some dressed as characters and were nice enough to let us take a couple of shots with them! The whole thing was a pretty neat experience!

Oh, I forgot to mention this. He also lights up at night.

You’ll have to forgive these pictures not being at their best. You can thank the Cambodian thief who stole my camera, which had the connecting piece for my tripod attached to it, so no tripod to steady the images! I did what I could though! ^_^

Finally, here’s a video of the show they do! It was fun to watch, though the video doesn’t do it much justice! 


If you’re in Tokyo and are an anime fan, I would definitely recommend heading out to see him. Even if you aren’t a fan, what would a visit to Tokyo be like without seeing a 59ft moving robot? I must say that I am enjoying Tokyo in many ways that I did not think I would. It is a city that masterfully mixes traditions and history with technology and progress, and the more I lose myself in it, the more connected I feel! 





7 thoughts on “Gunddam, That’s a Big Robot!

  1. Impressive height on that one. Sorry about getting your camera stolen :(! You are managing to put Japan on my list of placed I want to visit.

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