The World is Not Black &White

Something that I’ve toyed at while editing photographs is adding in some color to an otherwise black and white picture. I like the idea of someone’s eyes being drawn to a splash of color in a picture full of grey, black and white. It’s also not really hard to do lol which is a bonus. But I also believe that maybe it can be just a gimmick that helps people turn a boring picture into something a bit more artsy, as I did with this picture of the motercyle. 

I had seen a picture like it and wanted to imitate it. As it turns out, imitating someone is a lot harder then I thought it would be! In a city full of scooters (Rome) I had trouble finding a decent setting to snap away at. Maybe it was because I was trying to be too specific, maybe I was being held back because of the task I had assigned myself, but probably it had something to do with being uninspired to actually do it well. If someone has already done it, what’s the point? Maybe to make it better, or perhaps to add a new element or twist to it. But I wasn’t feeling it, so the picture looks forced (and way over hdr’d, but that’s a post for another day!)

I think I’d like to try a bit more with this type of photography. Anyone who has any tips or tricks is welcome to do it in the comments! The only thing left to do now, is keep on clicking! 


6 thoughts on “The World is Not Black &White

  1. I think the problem with selective colour is that it’s so, so clichéd it can make even a good photo look bad. I thought it was kind of cool when I first saw it, and lots of people love it, but for me it’s just so unnatural looking.

    • That’s an interesting point of view! I agree that it’s probably been overdone, but every once in a while I see a picture where someone has found a unique and creative way to add a twist to it! I do enjoy black and white pictures more though lol

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